Bromo Sunrise Tour, Ijen Crater Trekking Tour, Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Bromo Sunrise Tour, Ijen Crater Trekking Tour, Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

  Itinerary :

DAY 1 : Pick up service > Hotel in Bromo Area

  • Pick you up in Surabaya / Malang Area and driving around 4-5 hours with our private transportation to get your hotel in Bromo Area. Then check in hotel and free program.

DAY 2 : Bromo Tour by Jeep 4WD > Hotel in Ijen Area

  • Wake you up early morning at 2.30am for prepare, and at 3.00am start from your hotel by Jeep 4WD to Penanjakan Hill (View Point) for 30 minutes driving.
  • Get the parking area in view point, walking for 5 minutes to the view point place and waiting until sunrise shining with drink coffee or tea.

(Don’t forget to bring warm clothes because temperature is around 5°-10°)

  • Enjoy your time to see sunrise and scenery of Mount Bromo until satisfied and back to the Jeep 4WD to continue your trip to the crater of Bromo by stop at sea of sand (parking lot).
  • From parking lot, walking around 1,5 kilometers to the crater of Bromo. On the walking you can see Hindu Temple for ceremony the local people in around Bromo Area. (Because in Bromo Area also many hindu people live there)
  • Get the top of Bromo and you can see amazing crater of Bromo.
  • Enjoy your time until finish and satisfied, then back to your Jeep 4WD in parking lot and continue back to your hotel.
  • Arrived in your hotel, you can take breakfast, shower also little bit rest. At 10.30am checkout from your hotel and going direct to your hotel in Ijen Area for 6 hours driving.
  • Driving around 6 hours by stop in a restaurant if you want to lunch.
  • Arrived in your hotel in Ijen Area, check in hotel, also if you want to dinner, then free program.

Day 3: Bluefire Ijen Crater Tour > Wisma Kebun / Pantai (Guest House in Sukamade)

  • Wake you up early morning at 00.30am for prepare, and at 1.00am start going by our private transportation to paltuding (Ijen Parking Lot) for 1 hour driving. (Don’t forget to bring all your staff because at that time also checkout from your hotel, we don’t come back to hotel and your breakfast make in box)
  • Get the parking lot in Ijen, start trekking with our local guide around 3 kilometers to reach in the top. Enjoy your time until finish to see the bluefire, after that you can see sunrise and the minners activity take and caring sulphur. (Don’t forget to wearing gas mask, for gas mask you get free from our guide)
  • After finish and satisfied, back to the parking lot also with our local guide. You can take breakfast and going direct around 2 hours driving to Jajag Village for change transportation with our private Jeep 4WD.
  • From Jajag Village driving around 4 hours to get your accommodation in Wisma Kebun/Pantai (Accommodation with simple facilities).
  • On the way to Wisma Kebun/Pantai visit in Red Island Beach, Coconut Sugar Factory and small restaurant to get lunch.
  • Around 3.00pm arrived in Wisma Kebun/Pantai, check in and free program.
  • At 6.00pm having dinner and after that start doing Safari Night Tour and going to the beach to see turtles laying. Before see the turtles laying, you get all the information also step for how about the step to see turtles laying from the local ranger in Sukamade Turtle Beach. (All the activity will be guided by local ranger)
  • After get information and instruction from local ranger, walking for 5 minutes to get the beach and waiting until local ranger tell to you if anyone turtles laying.

(We can’t give prediction always see turtles laying, sometimes we can’t see because for the weather and also it’s not for the season turtles laying).

  • At 10.00pm back to Wisma Kebun/Pantai to take a rest.

DAY 4 : Release the baby turtles to the sea > Drop Off (Finish Tour)

  • Wake up in the morning at 5.30am to prepare and breakfast, after that at 6.30am start going to the beach and checkout from Wisma Kebun/Pantai.
  • Arrived in the beach, you get some baby turtles and ready to release. Enjoy your time untill finish and satisfied in the beach, after that back to your Jeep 4WD to continue your trip back to Jajag Village.
  • On the way to Jajag Village, visit in Green Bay Beach and it’s possible if you want to swim there.
  • Enjoy your time to swim until finish, then direct to Jajag Village to change with our private transportation and going to drop off you on Surabaya/Malang Area (Ferryport to Bali, Bali Area, Yogyakarta Area) and finish the tour.