Mount Bromo Information

Bromo Mount is located in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo is an active volcano with a height of 2329 masl. Mount Bromo is located approximately 893km from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia and approximately 120km from the nearest International Airport namely Juanda Aiport in Surabaya. Access to Mount Bromo is good, can be reached by a two wheeler and four wheels. You can use public transport and freight transport, private transport to Mount Bromo. To reserve a private transportation shuttles which of course has been provided a driver and hooks, you can booked at the tour agency is one such trip Bromo Indo Asia.
Mount Bromo in the area you will find a large crater which still active, ocean expanse of sand, and Mount Batok. Not only beautiful landscape and sunrise charming atmosphere that you can encounter when visiting Mount Bromo, a rustic atmosphere with community dynamics Tengger tribe also be the main attraction at Mount Bromo. Villagers near by Mount Bromo Tengger and the majority is Hindu. They are hardworkers in the agricultural sector. Farmed vegetables such as onions, potatoes, cabbages, and there is also strawberry. In addition to the agricultural sector, the local community is also their livelihood from tourism. There are three places of interest to get the best view if you want to see sunrise at Mount Bromo. Three interesting view it is Seruni Point, Penanjakan Hill, and Kingkong Hill. Chrysantemum hill is located quite close to the hotels where travellers stay and post tickets Mount Bromo. As for Kingkong Hill and Penanjakan Hill and located some distance away from tourist hotels and tickets Mount Bromo post. But don’t worry you can use the car transport services offroad 4WD to get there.
Waiting for immediately visit Mount Bromo with your friends or your family.